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ACC R18-9-A316 requires a Transfer Inspector to meet the following qualifications:

1. Possesses working knowledge of the type of facility and the inspection process; AND

2. Hold a certificate of training from a course recognized by the Department as sufficiently

covering the information specified in the Section; AND

3. Holds a license in one of the following categories:

     a. An Arizona registered engineer;

     b. An Arizona Registered sanitarian;

     c. An owner of a vehicle with a human excreta collection and transport license under 18 ACC,                   Article 11 or an employee of the owner of the vehicle;

     d. A contractor licensed by the Registrar of Contractors in one of the following


i. Residential Licenses B-4 or C-41;

ii. Commercial Licenses A, A-12, or L-41, or

iii. Dual Licenses KA or K-41;

iv. A wastewater treatment plant operator certified un 18 AAC 5, Article 1; or

v. A person qualitying under another category designated by the Department.

To see the full rule, visit the Arizona Secretary of State website.
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